Weekly Medical Camp at Kali Ki Dahl, Rishikesh

December 7, 2014

As one of Pujya Swamiji’s inspired and blessed Project Give Back initiatives, the weekly Medical Camp was held on Sunday 7th of December at Kali Ki Dahl Primary School – Sarvahara Nagar, Rishikesh; organized and sponsored by Divine Shakti Foundation and Parmarth Niketan.

The camp was led by the dedication and selfless service of Dr Priya Singh joined by our volunteers Mrs. Shiela Lal and Ms Claudine Franco from Brazil. Around 140 patients were attended and medicated, out of them 40% younger children suffering from cold, cough, ear infection; and several adults and elders suffering from high blood pressure, diabetes, skin disease, acidity and women health issues amongst other health concerns.
Beneficiaries from the region were very grateful to the quality of care and the spirit of service that the team provided. As Pujya Swamiji often says “Give Back and Feel Good,” this was truly how the team felt after providing their energy, experience and expertise for the welfare of all.