Accelerate Peace Conference at Stanford University

July 1, 2019

Sadhviji recently spoke at the Accelerate Peace conference at Stanford University, organized by United Religions Initiative and the Hoover Institute at Stanford. The theme was Women’s Empowerment and the Environment.

Women are the Earth! Women’s empowerment environmental protection or not two isolated themes. Women are Mother Earth and Mother nature. . . Interlinked as One. . .

The same myth of separation that enables us to rape the earth is the same myth of separation that enables us to rape our mothers, sisters and daughters. Respect for women is respect for the Earth. Justice for women is justice for the Earth.

Not only does the repression and oppression of women worldwide need to be addressed and rectified, but also the oppression and suppression of the Feminine in both women and men needs to be rectified if we are going to truly accelerate peace in our societies. Sadhvji shared about the inextricably linked oneness of women and the Earth and also the work our Global Interfaith WASH Alliance is doing for women’s empowerment and the environment. Everyone beautifully join together in a pledge at the end, as they raised their arms together, standing together for our mother, our Mother Earth and our Mother Nature.