Celebrating Our Children at Shakti Vikas Kendra

November 15, 2022

Yesterday was the beautiful day of National Children’s Day in India.  Upon returning from Kolkata, we stopped at our newest Divine Shakti Foundation project, called Shakti Vikas Kendra, which we are running in Rishikesh just next to the largest slum area in our state of Uttarakhand, and amidst several other large slums and areas of urban poor.

It has been such a blessing to start this center, which provides tutoring for children who may be getting a government education, but are not able to properly learn and absorb the material. It also provides higher level tutoring and coaching for older children, who want to go on to college and university, to help them prepare for the entrance exams, as well as to guide them on which exams to take, and how to apply.

Additionally, the center provides vocational training for those in need of a marketable skill. It’s our newest center, which we have just opened in August, and we are looking forward to its expansion. What a joy to celebrate children’s day with some of the children here!