“Just Buds” Primary School, Rishikesh Medical & Dental Camp

February 29, 2024

A full medical team from the Global Interfaith WASH Alliance, Divine Shakti Foundation, Medanta Hospital and Seema Dental College and Hospital, as well as representatives from Harpic World Toilet College and an acupuncture specialist, came together to examine and treat the 80 students and various members of the faculty of the “Just Buds” Primary School in Mansa Devi, a community located near Gumaniwala, Rishikesh on 5 March 2024. Under the able leadership and guidance of Dr Priya from Parmarth Niketan and Dr Supama Joshi from Medanta Hospital, over 200 adults and children from the school and nearby communities consulted with the team about dental and general health matters ranging from cavities and stained teeth to body pain and fatigue, all free of charge.

All the children in ‘JustBuds’ school and many adults from neighbouring villages who attended the camp got their teeth checked. It was discovered that many children had issues with milk teeth falling and having cavities, while some had issues like delays in new teeth. The dedicated team at Seema Dental College and Hospital answered all their questions and alleviate their concerns, and even scheduled appointments for advanced treatments at the Hospital after the camp concluded.

Many women consulted General Physician Dr.Suparna Joshi for various issues like body pain and tiredness due to thyroid, back pain due to weight gain, and knee and joint pain, and Ms.Joanne – the Acupuncture specialist – consulted with two-dozen patients, mostly senior citizens, who were suffering from knee and back pain. Many of them were given acupuncture treatment which was very beneficial.