Medical Camp at Mala Kundi

This past Sunday’s medical camp was hosted in the village of Mala Kundi, 21 km from Parmarth.

Even before setting up camp, as volunteers unloaded the car, two out of town young men needed some medical attention. One of them had sprained his ankle and was in need of pain killer gel, crepe bandage and painkiller pills. In return his friend helped carry our medicine baskets over the bridge to the school yard!

Diseases treated during the camp ranged from skin disease and acidity among the adults, diarrhoea among children, cough and cold, boil on the back of a young boy, and asthma. Volunteers were also able to educate patients who smoked and were suffering from asthma about the repercussions of the habit.

Volunteers were able to lead those suffering from joint pain in healing massage and were taught yoga to stretch and loosen their joints. The children too were taught simple yoga stretches.

Volunteers also took time to conduct hygiene sessions – hand washing and teeth brushing to the children and to the mothers of the children.

Donated clothes were also displayed for the villagers to help themselves.

Total patients seen: 46