New Harmonium & Dhol Gifted to School in Rishikesh

July 26, 2019

Recently our Divine Shakti Foundation volunteers, Ganga Nandini, David, Eva, Kamla and Jahanvi, were excited to offer and deliver a brand new harmonium and dhol drum for one of our affiliated schools on Dehradun Road, Rishikesh. The principal and her students were so thrilled and grateful to receive these instruments for their morning prayer in the school.

Ganga Nandini of Divine Shakti Foundation had been at this school two weeks ago for a WaterSchool programme, when the principal offhandedly expressed that the school needed new instruments. Volunteers quickly came together in action for facilitating this, and seeing the principal’s joyful and surprised face made it all worthwhile. The students all came together and officially inaugurated the receiving of these instruments through two beautiful songs. Through the provision of these instruments, DSF is honoured to support the musical and cultural ambitions of the school and its students.

Together they pledged to create music of love, peace and harmony, demonstrating that the children of this school not only survive but thrive and grow together. The school is two schools within one large premises, it has a built in hostel which is home to over 50 students, 25 of them have lost both their parents, it is also a DSF Vocational Training Centre in the afternoon when the school is complete for women of the local area who come to enhance their vocational skills. The school is also proud to be part of GIWA’s Swaroskvi WaterSchools Programme.