Recognizing that the Divine does not just lie within our temples and our other holy places, but also in the Creation itself, Divine Shakti Foundation is dedicated to providing care and shelter to all of Mother Nature and inspiring others to do the same.


The Divine Shakti Foundation has already build several gaushalas and manages the daily operation of one gaushala at Parmarth Niketan Ashram. There are also plans to build additional gaushalas to provide proper veterinary care, shelter and food to the stray cows who currently roam the streets of India.


As an added component of our work, relocation services are also being provided for ailing street cows, many of which have been heartlessly abandoned by their owners after they are no longer of use, these cows, who have no homes and desperately require veterinary care. For too long, these animals have been forced to graze on solid waste, ingesting plastic bags and toxic materials in their search for food.

Through the help of compassionate sponsors, they can be relocated from alleys, roadways and trash heaps to rich, green pastures.


The cow is the perfect example of how economic progress can occur alongside ecological preservation. While stray cows are taken off the streets, they are protected and respected. Their by-products, which would otherwise go to waste, can instead be used for organic farming and the production of ayurvedic medicine, for the upliftment of all.


In partnership with Karma Animal Trust, multiple Animal Rescue Camps have been organized by Divine Shakti Foundation-Parmarth Niketan Ashram.

Vets and technicians joined to offer their time, talent and technical expertise primarily for the street dogs of Rishikesh.  Sterilization of both male and female dogs, vaccination and treatment for street dogs and cats is has been provided free, performing:

  • • 92 surgeries of homeless female dogs
  • • 2 surgeries of homeless female dogs
  • • 11 castrations of homeless male dogs
  • • 4 castrations of homeless male cats

As most street puppies and kittens die from  diseases, motorbike accidents or hunger, it is very important to control the population and provide necessary treatment. We are proud to say that  the dogs living in the areas surrounding Parmarth Niketan Ashram, in the roads and on the banks of Ganga are lovingly fed twice a day ensuring all animals in the area live happy, healthy lives in harmony with people.

Choosing a vegetarian or plant based diet is one of the best decisions that we can make to protect animals, the environment and children all over the world. Wherever possible the Divine Shakti Foundation advocates for and encourages people to consider sustainable and healthy food choices.