The lack of availability of proper medical facilities, health practitioners and health education in the Himalayan regions fuels and motivates Divine Shakti Foundation volunteers to serve tirelessly in improving the overall well-being of the Himalayan people, as well as serving the under-served and needy population.

Unfortunately for many, quality medical care is simply not available. People living in Himalayan villages often have to walk kilometres just to reach the main road, then must travel by shared jeep long distances to visit doctors or get medicine. All this why suffering from illness, wounds or even broken bones.

As a part of an ongoing “Project Give Back” Initiative, Divine Shakti Foundation and Parmarth Niketan host free medical camps weekly in the surrounding villages where they travel for  diagnosis, treatment and preventative care. Dedicated doctors provide primary healthcare services and distribute much-needed medicines to those who would otherwise not have access and/or availability of these services.  These teams of doctors are often joined by other health professionals, such as physiotherapists, Ayurvedic practitioners, and more.

The doctors and volunteers inform villagers of the various and regular specialty camps held and organized at the Swami Shukdevanand Trust (Parmarth Niketan) Charitable Clinic so that they can receive quality secondary care.  They also educate and empower the villagers on how to inculcate better Water, Sanitation and Hygiene habits, as well as take steps to prevent illness and live healthier, happier lives.

These medical camps have already had positive effects on the villages, as DSF is now being requested by Gram Panchayats and Pradhans from villages near and far.

Some of the villages DSF is working in are only accessible by foot, and often there are no proper rooms to examine patients, electricity is unavailable, and there are no toilets. When facilities are not available, medical camps are held under the shades of a tree or near the river bank. Yet, even with these conditions, hundreds of people come from all around to receive quality medical care.


The Divine Shakti Foundation organises free weekly medical camps every Sunday in which compassionate and loving doctors, health practitioners and volunteers venture off to remote villages to care and provide for basic medical care to populations who are often underserved.

Each year our team see thousands of individuals in a number of villages, even returning to villages that necessistated multiple follow-up visits.  DSF’s dedicated team offered free medical services during the Kanwad Mela, caring for more than 700 patients throughout the month long festival
season.  Free and quality medical services and comprehensive checkups were provided to each of the over 100 Rishikumars at the Parmarth Gurukul multiple times a year.

The camps treat and offer free medicine for everything from the common cold to skin disease, from ear infection to gynecological problem and so much more. In addition to providing medicines the camps are used as opportunities to spread greater awareness on sanitation and hygiene, teach healthy WASH habits and provide other basic and essential public health messages.

Every week, full-time volunteers are joined by part-time volunteers and short term pilgrims interested in giving back in these fun and fulfilling medical camps. To volunteer your services, please contact us by clicking here.