Sadhviji at Religions for Peace conference in Spain

November 30, 2022

Sadhviji was in Manresa, Spain at the special Religions for Peace conference of “At a Crossroads – a Multireligious and Intergenerational Response to Social and Environmental Crises.”  The first day they did a sacred walk of the Camino de Santiago, and Sadhviji spoke in the opening plenary on creating peaceful, sustainable cities.  She shared the work that our Global Interfaith WASH Alliance is doing in India for water, sanitation & hygiene and also for so much more — menstrual hygiene, gender equality, ending gender based violence, lifeskills education, ending early child marriage and massive tree plantation programs for climate change abatement.

Coming together with leaders from around the world of all different religions and from all different walks of life is such a blessing, and Sadhviji was glad to spend some time with the Mayor of Manresa, Marc Aloy (who has actually been to Rishikesh!).

As you see the pictures – remember to reach out to someone different from you. A different color, race, religion, culture, sexual orientation, socio-economic-status, whatever it may be. But reach out and experience the fact that we are NOT separate. We are ONE.
One of Sadhviji’s favorite moments during the conference was being able to offer, with the renowned faith leaders in the opening plenary, and on behalf of all the faith leaders, a fragrant cardamom (elaichi) garland for Prof. Azza Karam, the Secretary-General of Religions for Peace under whose unique and stellar vision and leadership, Religions for Peace is growing, expanding and reaching and touching more and more people in more and more corners of the Earth.