DSF Provides Holistic Healthcare To Himalayan Villagers

Last weekend our team of Shaktis, volunteers of the Divine Shakti Foundation, headed to Nai Paoi Ki Devi on a warm sunny afternoon. This beautiful Himalayan village has a population of 1000, with 18 people from this village living and working at Parmarth Niketan Ashram for many years. It boasts of 3 primary schools, with up to 75 students in one school, and around 25 students in the other two. There is also an inter-college half km from village with 700 students and a degree college with up to 40 students is located about 5 km from the village.

In addition to the above, this village also has a 14 bed hospital located about 5 km away. It is served by two medical doctors, one Ayurveda doctor and a pharmacist.

Drinking water is available from one well located about 700 meters down the valley. They also have a spring water supply a few meters from the well. A fortunate few have water piped to their homes, however most of the villagers have to walk down the uneven foot path to collect water and climb up. An arduous task indeed. For two months during the summer, a government water tank supply drinking water to this village.

The villagers enjoys good health except for some dental problems. 3 year olds to 60 year olds presented dental conditions and our Dr Priya Singh prescribed pain killers for those who complained of chronic tooth ache.Oral hygiene was demonstrated to those who needed it, showing the dental technique of brushing their teeth.

Some came with ear infections, skin infections, joints pain, arthritis and cataracts which Dr Priya helped to treat. Villagers with joint pain were greatly relieved and grateful for the massage they received from Bibi Ma. After the massage, she showed them simple exercises to keep their joints supple and mobile. Dolls were freely distributed to children.