Medical Camp at Gujjar Basti

May 10, 2015

The volunteer medical camp team travelled to the village of Gujjar Basti this Sunday to deliver free medical care and supplies.

The camp, set up in the village headmna’s hut, was quickly visited by the ladies and children within 5 minutes of setting up!

Volunteers saw predominantly mothers and their children, and 90% of the mothers and children had diarrhoea. Thus, the volunteers emphasized the importance of hygiene throughout the camp and to the headman, and encouraged and showed the children how to properly wash their hands. The children were very keen to wash their hands and even after the session was over, the children keep coming up to the bucket to wash their hands! They were happy to show off their clean hands and nails.

Much of the health problems of the village could be attributed to the lack of two basic needs: no proper drinking water, and no bathrooms/toilets.

Other diseases treated were skin allergies, anaemia among pregnant mothers, high blood pressure, acidity and indigestion; cough, cold and fever among babies.
Free baby blankets were given to mothers while cotton cloth bags were given to the headman Mr Ferozdin Metha for distribution to the villagers.

A total of 63 patients were treated.