Pujya Swamiji Meets Patients as well as Doctors in Nepal

May 7, 2015

During His recent visit Pujya Swamiji visited the Chirayu National Hospital & Medical Institute and lauded the service that Mr. Sangay Gurungji, founder of the hospital and Medical Coordinator of the Project Hope team, was carrying out to bring quality health-care services to as many needy people as possible. Pujya Swamiji spent time with the patients and also met with doctors, including Orthopaedic Doctors, Surgeons, Paediatricians, Neurosurgeons and many others, and inspired them to keep serving the needy and affected population as well as to encourage their friends and colleagues to join them.

He also met with Shri Vachubhai, Medical Camp and Relief Coordinator of Project Hope team, and his team from Gujarat who had brought an ambulance and were serving day and night in remote and significantly affected villages of Nepal.

Pujya Swamiji lauded all of the doctors and said that their service and dedication to Him was the true pooja- the true worship.

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