Medical Camps at Khanda Dal

May 17, 2015

An impromptu medical camp was held at Khanda Dal, where Parmarth and DSF volunteers had stopped by chance to ask directions. The camp was set up in a small shop front and patients were consulted in the best possible way.

Most patients who were seen were children and mothers, and diseases ranged from diarrheoa and vomiting to abdominal pain, skin diseases, and chest pain due to smoking. One patient had cataracts in both eyes and was advised to come to Parmarth’s upcoming free eye camp.

A total of 17 patients were seen.

Following this camp in Khandal Dal village, volunteers stopped at stopped at a nearby construction site to offer their medical services to the laborers.

Most of the men were treated for pain, fever bodily abscesses, and severe headaches, often the result of the extreme working conditions they labor in, working with hot tar, dust and dirt with no masks or boots. They seem to drink very little water in the heat consequentially they exhibited conditions due to dehydration.

A total of 12 patients were treated.