Medical Camp at Diyogi Village

On Sunday 17 May the medical volunteer team, including Neurosurgeon Dr. Shweta Kedia and Neurointensivist Keshav Goyal from AIIMS Hospital, New Delhi, travelled to a new village called Diyogi about 45 km from Parmarth.

Volunteers swung into action as soon as they set up camp, which was held in the village’s Gram Panchayat building.

Diseases treated geriatric illnesses in the elderly such as arthritis, spine problems, and cataract; eye infections and diarrheoa in children; skin issues and menstrual issues in young females; respiratory issues due to long-term bidi smoking and tobacco chewing in older men; and constipation.

The doctors took special effort to explain to the village men about the detriment of smoking bidi and tobacco chewing, inspiring the to instead to cultivate good healthy habits. They were taught about hygiene and lifestyle modifications. The females were educated about the importance of healthy eating habits both in the prenatal and antenatal period with a special emphasis on folic acid and iron tablet supplementation.

The need to incorporate yoga exercise in their daily life was repeatedly told by each member of the team at various stages of examination, and a yoga demonstration engaged the children who came to the camp.

However, despite all this, the doctors observed that in general the villagers enjoyed good health.

Villagers were informed about the upcoming eye camp at Parmarth, as well the almost monthly visits by the team around the area to make it convenient for them to follow up.

It was heartening to know that most of the teenagers and especially the girls in the village were receiving education and enjoyed it. However, most of the village’s able-bodied men were away in the cities living and working for livelihood, leaving their parents and grandparents behind in the village.

At the end of the camp a total of 26 patients were seen and treated.