Advocacy and Upliftment

DSF plans, organizes and also participates in large events to raise awareness and empowerment for girls and women, in India and across the world. Further, we develop instructional programs for the same goals, including the following:

  • • Participating domestically and internationally in high level forums to advocate for positive social change around gender equality, quality education, WASH and environmental protection.
  • • Developing toolkits and resource guides to help faith leaders address and impact some of the largest issues that face our society including gender equality, climate change and more.
  • • Designing mass communication campaigns to change behaviors and mindsets.

Pujya Swamiji and Pujya Sadhviji are regularly invited to travel around the world to share their message at various conferences, festivals, and summits dedicated to the upliftment of humanity, the promotion of peace, and empowerment of all.  Some recent events include:

• Special event with UNFPA on ending gender-based violence and building gender equality with renowned interfaith leaders

• Sadhviji at Religions for Peace Conference in Spain

• Sadhviji at United Nations Alliance of Civilizations (UNAOC) Global Forum in Morocco

• Special event with UNFPA on ending gender-based violence and building gender equality with renowned interfaith leaders

• In Nairobi, Kenya at the United Nations (UNFPA) ICPD25 Summit, in a session on Menstrual Health and Hygiene Rights

• Special water blessing ceremony with some of the women in our empowerment training programs as they learn to form their first Self Help Group

• Summit of Grace on women’s empowerment with Speaker of the Parliament of India Sumitra Mahajan, renowned women faith leaders and other government leaders.

• Sadhviji joins international women faith leaders at UNFPA headquarters in New York City for a program on women’s health rights

• Sadhviji speaks at the G20 Interfaith Forum in Tokyo, Japan in a high-level panel entitled “Ending Hunger, Water as Life” on the theme of “Food and Water: Resources for Life.”

• Sadhviji addresses the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations Global Summit at UN World Headquarters in New York

• Sadhviji Represents India at Meeting on Implementation of the Plan of Action to Prevent Atrocity Crimes of United Nations in Vienna

• Sadhviji speaks the Accelerate Peace conference at Stanford University, organized by United Religions Initiative and the Hoover Institute at Stanford

An integral part of Upliftment occurs many evenings during the year at Parmarth Niketan Ashram during Satsang led by Sadhvi Bhagawati Saraswatiji, the President of the Divine Shakti Foundation.  Satsang literally means in the presence of truth and Sadhviji’s straight forward, insightful and often humorous responses are one of the highlights for people who are either staying at Parmarth Niketan or just visiting for the day. All of the satsangs are made available on our social media channels free and available for everyone.

Sadhviji fields a variety of questions about what it means to be human. Usually it is within a religious or spiritual context but she is never preachy and is able to weave in her vast knowledge about Hinduism in a way that is appreciated by Hindu’s and non-Hindu’s, Indians and non-Indians alike.

In addition, her satsangs are also broadcasted once a week on Om-Times radio channel and aired every evening on Sanskar TV Channel. Her clear and compassionate light and wisdom provides much hope and happiness to so many who experience this divine interaction with her and sets them on a path of deeper introspection, insight and inspiration, bringing a greater sense of peace and happiness in their life – the tools for an inner transformation.

Large scale pledges are used regularly during live Ganga Aartis at Parmarth Niketan to support and empower women and girls. The transformative power of the aarti ceremony is used on significant days that honor women and girls such as International Children’s Day, International Day of the Girl child, Menstrual Hygiene Day and Navratri.

• Uplifting pledge on the International Day of the Girl Child

Kumbh Mela Event for Women’s Empowerment: Over 100,000 Pledge to End Child Marriage

International Day for the Eradication of Poverty Pledge

The IDPL, Rishikesh Campus saw the first historical event of its kind in which trees were planted in the name of all newly born baby girls in Rishikesh.

While the divine feminine, in the form of the girl child, gives life and energy to the world. Daughters are never problems but solutions; wherever they are they give warmth, nourishment and life. Similarly, trees also nourish us and give life, providing us with shade and fruits.  To celebrate and rejoice in the birth of the girl child, we advocate that we should all plant at least one tree and honour the life and love that our girls bring to our world!  Click here to learn more!

Throughout the year we we use important occasions such as International Women’s Day, Global Handwashing Day and Children’s Day to design and implement mass communications campaigns whereby we often bring together other partners including NGOs and other Faith Based Organizations to join together to advocate for and spread awareness for important social causes in line with DSF’s mission and objectives.